End of Year Reflections

As we wind down and gently enter 2023, I feel like this is the perfect time to reflect on our year and all that it held for us. While our ingredient and packaging supply chains are still in disrupt, we all feel so very fortunate to be able to pivot quickly and make changes as a brand when needed.

We have so many things in store for the new year and cannot wait to share them with you but first let’s talk about what we did this year with the support we have received.

We have solidified balance to our daily operations. This includes streamlining our manufacturing process, retail and spa operations as well as online order fulfillment. These changes allowed us to offset an enormous increase in costs so we could keep prices stable while maintaining our brand standard for quick fulfillment and fast shipping.

We debuted our new website to celebrate our 10th brand anniversary. We wanted our digital platform to be a place where we could showcase our nutrient dense products along with the skincare education behind our brand in an easy-to-read format. We are in love and hope you all have found navigating the new website to be seamless and something that you can utilize now and as your skincare journey grows with time.

Because of your support we have donated $2,489.78 to our annual local organization and have an estimated contribution of $430 to make at the close of the year for purchases made between November 30th to December 31st. We know that this would not be possible without your support and for that we thank you endlessly.

We began the shift away from plastics, incorporating biodegradable organic tea sachets in our retail shop and spa, bamboo toilet paper in our restrooms and biodegradable trash bags in our retail shop, spa and manufacturing lab. We have additional packaging changes set for the new year as we continue this shift along with maintaining our eco-conscious brand standard for all shipping and retail paper supplies.

And lastly, we have formulated and manufactured 38,798 products for our shelves and for our partnership with Hotel Arras. We know wholeheartedly that this would not be possible without your support in 2022. Thank you all for loving what we do and for sharing our brand with others. We wish you all a happy and love-filled 2023.