Brand Goals for 2024

At the close of each year we reflect upon and plan for the new.

For us, this means we think deeply about our systems and make changes in places where we can improve. We go over our master manufacturing records (MMRs) and lab techniques to adjust for batch size changes and reduce inefficiencies.

We dive deep into our client request database to see where we can make immediate and longterm changes to meet the requests of those who deeply love and support what we do.

For an independent brand that builds upon itself year after year, we take the approach of continuous improvement very seriously as long-term and sustainable growth is part of what makes our brand so unique.

For the changes that we know we can absolutely make this year, it is apparent that it is time to re-debut our Home Collection. To all that reached out with your requests and feedback, we heard you and appreciate you. We completely know that it is terribly hard to find truly safe and non-toxic home scenting products in the marketplace and we are so very grateful to know that this collection is truly loved. 

We are planning to start production on this collection for a re-launch alongside our the debut of our Spring Collection in March. With that being said, we anticipate our year-round lavender scented Home Collection to appear back on our website and in our shop in late February so stay tuned for that update when it happens.

With this re-debut we have decided it is the perfect time to improve these formulations before they are back on our shelves. For those who do not know, our Home Collection is currently comprise of our coveted Soy Wax Candles and Aromatherapy Mists. Our candles are formulated with pure soy wax, a cotton, non-leaded wick and scented with steam-distilled essential oils. These essential oils are the same as what we use in our entire product line which means they are the highest quality, cosmetic grade. Our aromatherapy mists are also formulated with the same steam-distilled essential oils along with plant-derived ethanol, organic witch hazel and filtered water, never any synthetics or chemicals.

With this re-launch our goal is to improve the pitch of our Soy Wax Candles with the expectation that the scent will float further and linger longer. When it comes to our Aromatherapy Mists, we have also improved the scent pitch of the product along with the dispersal of the mist to create a bigger cloud of aromatherapy with each pump. When we approach product reformulations we tease out the potential issues we see and rebuild them upon their foundation to make them even better than before.

Another change we anticipate happening this year is that we are bringing back our Hand Sanitizer. For those who have not used this product before it is an ultra-hydrating portable hand disinfectant. We formulate it with nourishing plant-based ingredients that protect hands without a tacky residue including organic glycerin, aloe, neroli hydrosol and hibiscus extract. It is packaged in a 2oz spray bottle that is perfect for travel and leaves a lightweight supple feel on skin with a soft lavender scent. While there are many reasons why it went away for a bit, we're happy to announce that it will be coming back this spring.

When it comes to additional changes we would love to see this year, we have quite a lofty list. For these items, we do not have the resources needed to make the shift just yet so they do not have an anticipated timeline for debut. I do however think that it is important to put these goals out there as these changes have been on our mind for quite some time now. I would also like to encourage you to reach out and share your feedback in 2024 as we truly listen and use it when considering changes to our brand each and every year. 

Packaging Changes

  • lip balm and moisturizer stick moving from plastic to a crushproof paperboard
  • sugar scrub and salt jars to pouches or paperboard tubes to reduce weight and our plastic footprint
New Products
  • liquid soap
  • room diffusers
  • unscented collection