Benefits of Probiotics on Skin

Like your belly, probiotics work on skin to assist with building healthy skin flora and creating an environment that is not hospitable for pathogens that can cause disrupt. We adore probiotics both internally and externally for their anti-inflammatory effects as they help to ease the effect of eczema, acne and other inflammatory based skin issues. We currently use multiple probiotic strains in our Lavender Cold Cream and in all of our moisturizers for preservation and added skin hydration.

You can easily incorporate lactic acid into your weekly skincare routine by whipping up an at-home yogurt mask. We recommend adding in this gentle probiotic to help skin detoxify summer buildup and to brighten your complexion. Remember that lactic acid is an acid. This means it will remove more dead skin cells, leaving you susceptible to sunburn so wearing SPF daily is crucial. We prefer to add this additional mask to our Sunday routine as we begin to transition from fall into winter.

(NOTE: You can expect to have a temporary red complexion after you rinse the yogurt from your skin as this is an acid which remove an excess of dead skin cells and causes redness.)


  1. Cleanse Skin
  2. Apply a thin layer of plain greek yogurt to face, neck and chest using fingertips or mask brush.
  3. Allow 3-5 minutes until yogurt has dried, then rinse.

For extra skin detox you can use our Chamomile & Oats Clay Facial Mask after the yogurt mask making sure to follow up with a hydrating cream