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October 08, 2019

AM Shower Essentials Gift Set - C & Co.®

S I M P L E | Basics are best when it comes to any routine.

We offer this advice at our shops every single day. Over the years, the number of clients who come in looking to swap out chemicals for truly plant-based products is absolutely inspiring.

As a company, a large portion of what we do is educate anyone and everyone who is willing to listen. We advise on personalized routines using products you currently have and offer suggestions on what to replace it with when it is time to restock. We love to explain why we formulate our product line with our chosen ingredients and offer insight as to why we choose to avoid other ingredients. We also take being the voice of encouragement seriously as transitions of any kind can be overwhelming. We want to ensure that this positive change becomes part of your lifestyle and not just a fad in time.

If you are unsure where to start, reach out, we are always here to support.

photographed: AM Shower Essentials Gift Set


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