Be Kind

February 10, 2016

Be Kind | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare

In years past, I have found that this is the time of year we start to get bombarded with the message of spring everywhere we turn. While I wish that I was talking about gardening tips or methods for easy spring cleaning, I am not. I am referring to all the articles & magazine covers that tell us 'how to get your perfect _______ now. Just in time for _______. "
This cyclical campaign irks me every single year.
While I am a huge proponent of daily exercise in any form, I have a hard time with the social reminder that I must equate my worth to how I look come spring, and not how I feel. I began a mantra last March as I started to emerge from my greatest accomplishment to date; labor and delivery.
I quickly coined this my 'be kind' mantra. It's pretty simple really. Before I have a chance to self-criticize, I would tell myself to be kind. It started off as a 'fake it until you make it' deal but I realized that as the days ticked on, this mantra did more for my soul than I can explain. It was ultra-healing and empowering. That being said, not every day was like this.
My wish for you all is to ignore all the hype and focus on how you feel. Let the days ebb and flow but keep the mantra sacred.
Be kind my friends, be kind.

Christi, Founder & Proprietor of C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare


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