Simple Changes

A few weeks ago I received a birthday gift from a dear friend that changed my complete existence.  What was it you ask?
A glass water bottle. 
Yes. You read that correctly. A bkr bottle to be specific. 
I have always been really good about drinking water as a bottle is usually in my hand at all times. In talking about winter, dry skin & the importance of water intake, I mentioned to her that it seemed like I was drinking less water since I switched over to a stainless bottle. It never crossed my mind how little water I was really drinking until I started using my new glass bottle. As I stood there guzzling the whole bottle (1 liter!!!) I couldn't believe this huge oversight. If I easily failed to notice how much water I was drinking, what else have I overlooked?
Eating an abundance of fresh veggies? Yep.
Running? Yep.
Really taking time to recharge? Yep.
Being present in the moment? Yep.
The harsh reality was that I was just comfortable in my day-to-day. Yes I ate veggies, drank water, exercised and took time for myself, but somewhere between being a first-time momma & always being at the shop, I stopped pushing my own personal boundaries. I let go & changed.
As we all embark on the beginning of a new year, I encourage each of you to dig deep and find adventure. Push your boundaries and find a new confidence. 

Christi, Founder & Proprietor of C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare