Natural Spa Policies + FAQs

Natural Spa Policies | Pigmentation Facial

34 Broadway Street, Asheville, North Carolina 28801 | 828-575-9144

Intake Forms: We require a digital intake form to be completed prior to client’s first treatment. If it has been more than 6 months since a C&Co.® treatment, we require an updated form to be completed.

COVID-19 Guidelines: If you have a spa treatment booked and are sick or have been around someone who is sick, please call to reschedule with no penalty. Please make sure to fill out our COVID-19 Waiver and Liability Waiver and read this page before your scheduled treatment. 

Both in our retail shop and in our natural spa, we are following guidelines in accordance with the CDC and have implemented these additional cleaning and sterilization protocols for the safely of our clients and associates alike.

  • Hand washing and temperature check upon entry
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Detailed cleaning/sterilization protocols between every client including CDC approved cleaning products and UV light sanitizer
  • Installation of HEPA filters and UV-C/Ion room air purifiers in spa lounge, treatment rooms and retail spaces
  • Increased time between spa appointments
  • Private lounge for spa clients and party
  • Contactless check-in option
  • Touchless checkout

Thank you all in advance for taking care of yourself and others by following our rules, we are grateful for your support and trust as we navigate our new normal.

Contraindications: Please notify C&Co.® personnel if you are pregnant, have open cuts or abrasions, cold sores, fever, fungal infections, poison ivy, warts, transmittable diseases, if you have cancer, high blood pressure, are using Accutane, Retin-A, AHA or retinol derived products, have had chemical peels, microdermabrasion, resurfacing treatments, plastic surgery, waxing or other skin treatments. Any of the above conditions may affect our ability to perform the requested treatment.

If you have received Botox or injections within 12-weeks we are unable to perform facial and massage treatments. Your safety is our priority.

Pregnancy: We offer the following treatments in the following trimesters:

Facial Treatments: all trimesters

Massage Therapy: second trimester only

Arrival:  We ask clients to arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to the treatment time in order to complete necessary paperwork and our skin consultation. If a client arrives late, our therapists will deduct that time from the scheduled treatment. Treatments will end at the scheduled time in order to prepare for the next client. If a client arrives more than 15 minutes past the scheduled treatment time, we reserve the right to cancel and charge our rescheduling fee for the appointment.

What to Wear: We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and minimal jewelry.

Valuables: Clients are responsible for maintaining possession of their valuables & personal property.

Cell Phone Policy: We ask that all cell phones and miscellaneous electronics remain turned off and put away while in our Natural Spa.

Alcohol-Free Zone: To ensure a safe and relaxing environment C&Co.® is an alcohol-free establishment. A variety of complimentary beverages and snacks are offered to maintain a comfortable environment that supports the health of all clients.

Beverages: Shanti Elixirs Jun, Paromi Organic + Full Leaf Herbal Tea, Filtered Water

Gratuity: Gratuity of 20-25% is customary; however, we respect our clients' decision 100%. Gratuity can be received in cash or on any major credit card at the time of check-out. Gratuity should reflect the quality of treatment received.


Booking: Clients may book treatments through our website, over the phone or in person at our natural spa. We require a credit card to reserve and schedule any treatment. Payment will be collected after the session is complete, please bring a form a payment with you. For surprise bookings, we require payment in full for the treatment at time of booking with no opportunity change the type of treatment provided.

No-Show, Cancelation & Rescheduling Policy: For any no-show appointments, you will be charged the full treatment price, 20% gratuity tax and cancellation fees. For any appointment canceled or rescheduled within 24 hours of your scheduled treatment time you will be charged 50% of the treatment price, tax, and cancellation fees.

Age Requirement: C&Co.® is unable to offer facial treatments, back treatments and massage therapy to persons under the age of 18 years. We reserve the use of our Natural Spa space for scheduled clients only. Photo identification may be required prior to treatment.

How to Find Us

Downtown | 34 Broadway Street | 828-575-9144 | We are located between The Windsor Boutique Hotel & The Asheville Bee Charmer on Broadway Street in downtown Asheville.

Our Products

Products: We offer the highest quality of skincare that is ideal for all skin types using plant-based raw organic ingredients. Our products, offered in retail and utilized in the treatment room, are free of all petrochemicals, detergents, fillers, GMOs, and synthetic preservatives. We ask that clients do not bring their own products unless it is for personal use before or after their treatment. Therapists will not be able to use any outside products in a treatment under any circumstance.

Product Return Policy: We strive to provide the best products possible and always aim for client satisfaction. In the event you are not satisfied with any C&Co.® product we are happy to offer a refund or store credit on unopened merchandise within 30 days of purchase. We are unable to accept returns on opened merchandise. If you have concerns regarding usage or allergies please consult directions on packaging and our ingredient panel. Please email if you require additional information:


Do you perform extractions? 

We do not perform manual extractions in any of our spa treatments. Alternatively, we offer Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) in our facials to address congestion in the skin holistically without inflammation.

How should I dress for the spa?

We suggest arriving to the spa in attire that is comfortable. Foot Soak & Scrub clients should wear clothing that can be easily brought up to reveal the calf to avoid wet clothing and allow for massage. Massage and esthetic clients will have the option to disrobe for their treatments and are recommended to come in with minimal jewelry and makeup.

Can I apply makeup after my facial treatment?

Our last steps in our facials include an application of our Lavender Cold Cream followed by an SPF. Both products double as a makeup primer for an easy, non-caking application. We do however recommend a makeup free day so you are able to reap the benefits of your treatment and to reduce skin sensitivities.

How long until I can cleanse my face after a facial treatment?

You can cleanse your face, neck and chest at the end of the day to remove any environmental pollutants and SPF that was applied during your treatment. We recommend our Sweet Orange & Rosemary Cleansing Milk as it is pH balanced for gentle yet effective cleansing.

What is MLD and why is it beneficial during a facial treatment?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a type therapeutic touch therapy to move lymphatic fluid and help encourage the body's natural detoxification processes. This technique is beneficial for clients experiencing general breakouts to acne, blackheads, enlarged pores, inflammatory skin conditions and those concerned about reducing puffiness of the eye area. MLD treatments address congestion in the skin holistically without inflammation and take the place of manual extractions in our spa treatments. Facials that incorporate MLD are completed by a licensed esthetician trained in Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymphatic Drainage Technique. Contraindicated for clients with a history of heart conditions, blood disorders, kidney failure, tuberculosis and/or cancer.

Tell me more about your Lymphatic Body Massage?

Our Lymphatic Massage is performed with a dry brush followed by a 70-minute Swedish massage to create movement of the lymphatic system aiding in detoxification and stimulation of blood flow. Expect a reduction in inflammation and stress after lymphatic massage. Ideal for swelling, arthritis and poor circulation. Contraindicated for clients with a history of heart conditions, blood disorders, kidney failure, tuberculosis and/or cancer.

What is Reflexology?

It is a non-invasive massage therapy rooted in the idea that the body has reflex points that correspond to different organs and systems when stimulated. This technique is beneficial in balancing the central nervous system and can result in relaxation and improved circulation and energy levels. Reflexology is also known to help assist with pain reduction, digestive discomfort and migraines. Contraindicated for clients that are currently pregnant and/or have a history of blood disorders.

Can you tell me more about your spa accommodations? 

We are not a high volume spa and operate at a limited capacity to keep our therapists ready to meet your therapeutic and esthetic goals without compromise. Parties of 3 or more cannot be accommodated for simultaneous treatments at this time. Larger parties will need to be at staggered times, please call our shop to book.

Do you require treatment forms to be filled out in advance?

Yes. We digitally send our Liability + COVID Waiver along with your specific treatment intake form via text to be filled out in advance. Forms completed in advance allow our therapist to make necessary preparations to provide you with a relaxing experience start to finish. 

What are your age requirements for your natural spa?

We are an 18+ spa for facials, back treatments and massage. 

If this policy is not preferable and you are looking to have an at-home spa day we recommend the following routine for our clients ages 12-17:

Sweet Orange & Rosemary Cleansing Milk

Lavender & Primrose Moisturizer

Chamomile & Oats Clay Facial Mask or Red Clay Facial Mask for younger clients experiencing painful breakouts that may be correlated to hormonal changes.