Ingredients We Use

We are different, we seek to showcase exactly what our entire product line is built from. In an industry where determining the safety of an ingredient or final product can be overwhelming, we find it ever so important to be transparent about the plant-based ingredients we source along with their origin.


Below you will find our entire ingredient list. We formulate and manufacture all 55 of our products with only these 73 ingredients. All raw oils are cold-pressed and essential oils are cold-pressed or steam-distilled. We never use solvents or chemicals to extract nutrient dense properties of the plant material.
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Aloe Vera | USA Organic Arnica montana | Ingredient Transparency Organic Arnica montana Infused Organic Sunflower Oil | Ingredient Transparency Arrowroot Powder | Ingredient Transparency Bay | Ingredient Transparency Organic Beeswax | Ingredient Transparency Bergamot | Ingredient Transparency Organic Calendula | Ingredient Transparency Calendula Infused Organic Sunflower Oil | Ingredient Transparency Candelilla Wax | Ingredient Transparency Carrot Seed Oil | Ingredient Transparency Organic Castor Seed Oil | Ingredient Transparency Cedarwood | Ingredient Transparency Organic Chamomile | Ingredient Transparency Organic Chamomile Infused Organic Sunflower Oil | Ingredient Transparency Organic Citric Acid | Ingredient Transparency Clary Sage | Ingredient Transparency Clove | Ingredient Transparency Organic Cocoa Butter | Ingredient Transparency Organic Coconut Oil | Ingredient Transparency Coriander | Ingredient Transparency Cypress | Ingredient Transparency Elderberry | Ingredient Transparency Emulsifying Wax | Ingredient Transparency  Epsom Salt | Ingredient Transparency Ethyl Alcohol Eucalyptus | Ingredient Transparency Organic Evening Primrose Oil | Ingredient Transparency Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Ingredient Transparency Fir Needle | Ingredient Transparency Frankincense | Ingredient Transparency French Green Clay | Ingredient Transparency Ginger | Ingredient Transparency Organic Glycerin | Ingredient Transparency Organic Grapeseed Oil | Ingredient Transparency Organic Hibiscus | Ingredient Transparency Hibiscus Extract | USA Organic Honey | Ingredient Transparency  Organic Jojoba Oil | Ingredient Transparency Juniper | Ingredient Transparency Kaolin | Ingredient Transparency Kaolinite | Ingredient Transparency Lactobacillus Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract | Ingredient Transparency Lavender | Ingredient Transparency Lemon | Ingredient Transparency Lemongrass | Ingredient Transparency Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate | Ingredient Transparency Meadowfoam Seed Oil | Ingredient Transparency Myrrh | Ingredient Transparency Moroccan Lava Clay | Ingredient Transparency Neroli Hydrosol | USA Organic Oats | Ingredient Transparency Peppermint | Ingredient Transparency Pine | Ingredient Transparency Potassium Hydroxide | Ingredient Transparency Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil | Ingredient Transparency Rose Distillate | Ingredient Transparency Organic Rosehip Seed Oil | Ingredient Transparency Rosemary | Ingredient Transparency Sea Salt | Ingredient Transparency Sodium Bicarbonate | Ingredient Transparency Sodium Hydroxide | Ingredient Transparency Soy Wax | Ingredient Transparency Spearmint | Ingredient Transparency Sugar | Ingredient Transparency Organic Sunflower Oil | Ingredient Transparency Organic Sweet Almond Oil | Ingredient Transparency Organic Sweet Orange | Ingredient Transparency Organic Tea Tree | Ingredient Transparency Vanilla Extract | Ingredient Transparency Vitamin E | Ingredient Transparency Water | Ingredient Transparency Witch Hazel | Ingredient Transparency