"I started using C & Co. back in October. I have real bad acne and nothing helps at all. After about a month my face cleared up a lot. I stopped using it for a couple weeks and broke out again. I ended up purchasing it again and my face got all smooth and didn't have any painful breakouts. Best natural stuff on the market. I've tried EVERYTHING! When I went to the store the owner was super helpful and helped me pick out the best products for my face. Never going back to anything else!" -Vera Gayazov

"I love the product! Thanks for being amazing. I will definitely be ordering again and telling my friends!" -Sarah, Eau Claire, WI

"A) Your products have made a tremendous difference in my skin. Despite the rosacea, the texture and feel of my skin are much improved as well as the rosacea. B) You and your staff are extremely knowledgeable, caring, and service-oriented. There is no one I trust more about skin!"    -Monica Case-Harman

"Just wanted to say how much my family and I love your product. We've all have had skin issues that are very different and have bounced from brand to brand, product to product. It's such a relief to have found something we all want to stick with. Truly a wonderful and diverse line and I haven't tried a single thing I haven't loved. Here's a picture of our last shipment, didn't know if you wanted to use it for advertising or whatever. Thanks again!" -The Reynolds Family

Kind words from Ashlee Blewett

"Dear C & Co Natural Geniuses,

I just wanted to shoot you all a compliment. I have made the transition over the last year to chemical free and toxic free personal care items. It has been difficult and pricey to say the least (especially for a working full-time student). However, I feel health is top priority and am tired of putting my body in the way of toxic products. I must say after trying your Rosemary and Mint Moisturizer -- I was very impressed and relieved. Other companies moisturizers had the removal of chemicals and toxic ingredients, but came up short in quality and texture. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this product. It's light fragrance is subtle and invigorating, non-greasy, and lightweight texture is perfect for all year around weather. But especially for the summer months when you want that lightweight moisturizer. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! My search for the best & safe moisturizer is over. Cheers to you! Keep doing your thing! :)" - Carmen Castro

"I bought my niece some of your Diaper Balm for her newborn. Her baby is now 5 months old and I received a text message from her. She stated that "the Diaper Balm you got us is THE BEST!!! I'm amazed every time I use it!!!" Thanks for your great products." -Kim Lowe

"We stopped in last year over Thanksgiving. Visiting from Tampa and spoke with you for awhile and picked up some products. Lip balm, massage oil (which is GREAT). I emailed you with some questions on the Daily Face Polish and you replied. I asked for the Milk and Honey set for a gift and received it. Started using it right away. I have always has issues with acne (and even now that I am 50!) After a week of using the set, no more issues! As a test, I stopped using the product and went back to my old one. Well, guess what. Acne came back. I guess my test told me what I already knew! Using your product had resolved something I had been fighting since my teens! Ordered another Daily face polish then and there. I wanted to share this, since I think this is the best thing I have ever found! I have spent so much money on other products that didn't work, or damaged my skin. From this point on there will be nothing used other than your wonderful products! Thanks for making such great products. Everything we have bought has been wonderful. Even the lip balm is still in use! I know we'll be in next time we are back in the area. In the meantime, online orders all the way!" -Blaine Wagner

"We love love love all your products. My hubby uses the beard oil, wax, and shaving oil. And we use all the baby products on our lil one. The baby bottom healing balm is my all time favorite. He had a super bad diaper rash to the point he was screaming every diaper change and at the time we were using butt paste and desitin. After one use we saw an extreme improvement and after two days it was completely gone. And we still have almost half the jar and we've been using it for 9 months. We also use the baby lotion and I used the body balm for stretch marks and I have none :) we love the rosemary candle and everything. We use to drive to Asheville to get your products but we moved to Colorado and now just order online. Thank you so much for the work and love you put into your products." -The Chastain Family

"I love the lavender cold cream. It's not greasy, smells fantastic, and is helping to keep my face soft during this harsh winter! C and Co's arnica salve has become an absolute essential in our house. Whether it be soothing muscles sore from a killer workout or healing bumps and bruises after kids' basketball games, we love it. It also doesn't hurt that it smells great!" -Alisa Hove

"Christi and C & Co.  Naturals are one-of-a-kind.  I had been trying too many all-natural product lines to count in an effort to continually reduce my use of gunky stuff while also wrangling with sensitive skin, and the more products I tried, the less products seem to work!  In a world where it seems like the ingredient lists need smaller and smaller font to even fit on packages, the selection of products with simple ingredients was still leaving my face dry, or oily, or sensitive (or combinations of the three!).  Little did I know, after wandering into the C & Co. store in Asheville on a vacation-whim, that my skin would be changed forever.  Christi took the time to explain not only the science behind these products, but the science behind good skin in general--we're talking a genuine, super-informative explanation complete with products to back it up.  I bought some products (look at the ingredients! They all actually make sense!) and sampled others, and now only a few months later, I keep ordering more and more!  Not only are the products fun to use, never drying my skin out and keeping it feeling moisturized and balanced, but my skin has NEVER LOOKED BETTER and I mean that caps-lock.  If I could show you a cheesy before and after photo, you might not even believe it.  Thank you, Christi, for sharing your wisdom, and C & Co. Naturals for making such simple, incredible, and dare I say revolutionary products!" -Isabelle R.

"I received all my products, carefully packaged, about a week ago & I had to write to tell you how much I'm enjoying them! I am so excited to have found your shop & your products. I have been on a search for skin products for so long, I was sure that I would never be completely satisfied. Sure, there are millions of companies, millions of products at all price point levels and I've tried lots of them but have never found 1 brand/company that I truly felt the benefits from their line....maybe 1 product from 1 company, another from somewhere else...but never from 1 company. C and Co. Naturals has made a believer out of me. From the moment my daughter, daughter-in-law & I walked into your shop and was greeted by a lovely young woman with such a passion & knowledge about her products, I knew I had to try her line. That afternoon, we all put on our lip balm & lotion and haven't looked back. I have been using the balm on my cracked heels since that day & FINALLY am able to put my nylons on without fear of ruining them due to dry, cracked skin! My daughter & I have started a facial regimen with the face polish, serum & oatmeal mask...my mother has the arthritis balm, which is amazing! I now am going to order products for my sister." - Mary E. 

"My son and daughter-in-law gifted me with the Rosemary & Lemongrass linen spray, I loved it so much that I decided to order the lavender and tea tree spray and body lotion to add to my collection. It turned out that ordering in winter is not necessarily workable, in this case with the postal service, after more than 10 days I contacted the company to see if they knew what happened as I knew my products had shipped, a wonderful gal named Christi became my search team leader. She kept me in her search loop through the entire process, she did so with dedication and humor and my package finally arrived after many exchanged messages. I'm thrilled with my Lavender as well as my Rosemary sprays, C and Co will be my company of choice for sprays and body products. Their Customer Service is as exceptional as their products. Thank you Kevin and Alissa for the introduction and a huge Thank you to Christi for all of your effort making sure I'm all set for the winter. Next order will be in spring, I'm pretty sure I'll be good for the next month." - Tonya Brum

"Tallahasseeans far and wide have been missing our use-to-be-local Lotion Diva, Christi, but now we can Rejoice with Relief that, once again, we are reunited (through the miracle of the internet!) with our Giver Of Goodness, The Mistress and Maker of Magical Moisturizing Stuff!  we can, finally, stop hoarding our last 2 tablespoons of Pumpkin Spice Lotion and we can go ahead and bust into our last lip balm, because There WILL Be More~and all i can say is, What a Relief!!! There's a LOT of CRAP out there, people, and i, for one, am grateful to know i won't be finding any of it in Christi's creations.  i've been a massage therapist for 27 years so far, i know my lotions, and i don't want Crap~ i want pure, quality, all natural ingredients, deliciously and artfully spun into deeply pleasing combinations!  i want to smile a lot!  and i DO, as long as i have some of these amazing products on hand...(no, really-ON my hands!)(also feet + arms + legs!)~ and one of her Lip Balms tucked into my pocket or purse.  the sugar scrub products are a staple on my tub rim!  the bath salts are Great!  the fragrances are transformational!  these are the BEST products i've Ever used.  and she's NOT my sister and she's NOT paying me to write this!  =D   i've given these products to many, many people and everyone wants to know how they can get more.   this lady has a knack and a calling Combined With Talent...makes for an impressive product line! Good Luck, C & Co!" - Donna Klein (Tallahassee, FL)

"The underarm balm is awesome. I have always had issues with other deodorants irritating my armpits after just a couple of uses. This is the first product that I have found to keep me dry, smelling good and with no irritation."  - Damon F. Jones (St. Petersburg, FL)

"I love the lip balm! My lips have never felt softer and it smells great too. I take it everywhere, even the beach, AND it doesn't melt in my purse. The lotion is probably my favorite. I can't say enough good things about it. All the scents are amazing. It is so hydrating and my skin never feels greasy or oily, even in Florida's heat. I use it every day. Okay, so maybe the sugar scrub is my favorite. After a long day I look forward to nothing more than a long hot shower with C and Co.'s lavender sugar scrub and a glass of wine." - Amanda Hester (Florida)

"I just received my order today. Your products are AWSOME!! My favorite is the vanilla and mint lotion. Thanks and I will be ordering again soon." - Debbie M. (Sanford, FL)

"I am so happy that I was introduced to C & Co products. It's not often that you find handcrafted all natural beauty products that actually work. The underarm balm is fantastic. It has the perfect consistancy, smells great and keeps me fresh all day. I also love the lip balm. I don't even wear lipstick anymore because the balm is so awesome. Don't even get me started on the fabulous sugar scrub. My bathroom will be stocked with nothing but these products. Go out and get yours now!" - Emily Edwards

"I love everything! The chapstick is silky smooth and the body balm smells so delicious and it works! Since I started playing ultimate frisbee, my hands have become so rough and dry, so it really helps." - Melissa

"I had the pleasure of ordering from the C and Co. line several weeks ago and could not be more pleased. For starters, my products were shipped and received in a matter of two days. I have been using the evening rose serum and the coconut & lavender baby lotion upon suggestion by Christi for the past few weeks as directed and could not be happier. The red, blotchy tones I became accustomed to are diminishing more by the day. There is an overall glow about my skin that I thought had long passed. Thank you so much for these fantastic products, and the ones I am bound to order in the future. I can't wait to hear about all of your success and the joy that your products bring to so many. Kudos!!" - Diana Farlow Hunstville (Alabama)

"Dear Christi. Just received my recent order. Amazing products. I just polished my face with DAILY FACIAL POLISH, slicked up my lips with ORANGE & GINGER COCOA BUTTER CHAPSTICK, lit a VANILLA MINT CANDLE. What else could I ask for??? Thank you Christi. =^oo^=." - Debbie Moreland (Sanford, FL)

"Hi, I was in this past Saturday and just wanted to tell you how much I am loving all the products I bought. My face has never looked this good. No lie, within one day my breakouts started clearing up and I just have had this beautiful glow since. Thank you so much for creating an amazing line! Oh, also.. the underarm cream is amazing. It's the first all natural deodorant that actually works for me. Today, after wearing it all day long, I went to the gym then did the sauna and it still worked.. Never had to re-apply. AMAZING! Thank you again!!" - Shawna Owen

"Hi Christi, your rose bath salts are out of this world!" - Sandra Batista

"Shave oil is great. Works as well as the Art of Shaving preshave oil, but spreads easier and costs less. What more could you want? I have sensitive skin and the juniper/lavender scent didn't irritate my face. Great product at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend." - Zach Miller

"Thank you so much for recommending the lavender and coconut lotion! It has calmed the eczema on my hands so quickly, and is leaving them so soft. I have to say how impressed I am by you and all of your products! I'm so glad my husband and I stumbled across your store, and I can't wait to try more of your products!" - Jamie Leigh Chami

"Jill Tamila gave me a b-day gift of the lavendar and evening primrose oil lotion, it has improved the appearance of my skin overall but particularly a burn scar from last year on my hand that is now fading fast :-)" - Lynnandj Blankenship

"Hi Christi, Just wanted to let you know I have been using that Honey Daily Face Polish day and night and it is so wonderful! My skin feels so hydrated and I love that is from local bees. Thank you for creating it!" - LeeAnne Smith

"I LOVE everything I have ordered, I use the lotions in the morning after my shower and than I use the balm at night. I can already tell the difference in my skin. My next thing to look at is something for my face.. I am so happy I answered the door that day at the Chestnut Inn and LaDonna was kind enough to share your lotion. Thank you for all your help and your kindness." - Robin

"Thanks for the prompt delivery, though my reply is less than prompt. We did indeed have a wonderful vacation in Vero Beach. Then to WI to celebrate my mom's 90th birthday. She is so happy with the lip balm that I must now keep her supplied. Bought the other things for gifts for a dear friend and then decided to keep the honey wash for myself. What luxury that! Nice touch, the bamboo spoon enclosed. My friend in FL likes the oil shave and will be ordering when he needs more. And I will indeed be coming back for more, to try the new products and enjoy pampering myself and friends. Thanks for your wonderful products. It was a joy to meet you and see your lovely shop in such a great location. Carry on, my friend :+D" - Pat

"Love my new product!! The underarm balm is just what I was looking for as a natural deodorant! I will be by tomorrow for my face massage serum!" - Lucretia VanDyke

"My daughter and I just returned home to Maryland after having a wonderful vacation in Asheville.  One of the highlights was finding your store and the amazing product "Under Eye Repair".  In only 3 days I see a a noticable difference.  Much of the fine lines and the darkness under my eyes have vanished." - Mary

"I have had acne problems for years and years and you talked to me about your products and recommended the honey facial polish, serum and under eye repair. I just wanted to report that it has been 6 weeks of using your products and things have been great. The texture of my skin is very different, my breakouts have minimized and my face looks much better.  So thanks for making such an awesome product, and spending the time with me that day to understand facial skincare." - Dawn (Kingston, IL)

"These are the best skin care products I have ever used. All natural, feel great on your skin, and actually improve your skin. I am a great testimonial for someone who has suffered from severe eczema--use the baby lotion with lavender and coconut oil. Can't live without it! THANK YOU, CHRISTY!!!" - Jennifer Jody (Ohio)

"LOVE these products! And WONDERFUL customer service!!!" - Jimee Thompson

"I am absolutely in love with these products! Finally my search for products that have exceptional organic ingredients and that actually work is OVER! Thank you for all you do and for making these products affordable so that more people like me can enjoy them." - Joanne Morse (North Carolina)

"All of the things! Their products are amazing. You should try them out!" - Cate Dickinson

"Love the costumer service, love the atmosphere, LOVE LOVE LOVE the products!!"  - Kelley Thacker

"Amazing products! Need I say more. Check them out!" - Anthony Ruiz

"I bought the underarm balm and it REALLY WORKS! Menopause... Need I say more?!" - Lori Sanderbeck

"I came into your shop for the first time this past summer.  I was looking for a birthday present for a friend and asked what you recommended.  You said everything was good, but the face wash was a life-changer.  I trusted you, bought one for my friend and one for me.  You were right!  I love all products, but will never use anything else to clean my face.  Thanks for the great advice!!" - Catherine