Kind words from Ashlee Blewett

My husband and I happened upon C&Co. Handcrafted Skincare on a recent trip to Asheville. The simple aesthetic of the store drew us inside, but founder and owner Christi Opadaca kept us there, answering every question we had about the products with enthusiasm. We were sold instantly. I have normal to dry, sensitive skin and had been experiencing acne (mostly blackheads) on my neck for about three years. I'd tried everything from Epsom salt masks, over the counter acne gels, and even (my last resort) a harsh topical medicine from my dermatologist. The gels and medicine irritated my sensitive skin, leaving it dry and still spotted with acne. When we visited C&Co. I was also about 20 weeks pregnant, and the hormones had caused a new skin issue of acne on my cheeks. This acne was the kind that sits below the skin and appears as little bumps. It also caused my cheeks to have a slightly orangish tint. Listening to Christi explain each of the products and how they work (and why they work), I wanted to give it a try. I'd searched for natural products before, but there's so much information out there that it's hard to make sense of it all. I left the store with the Sweet Orange & Rosemary Cleansing Milk, Evening Rose Facial Serum, Chamomile & Oats Clay Facial Mask, and the Bergamot & Lavender Body Balm (to prevent stretch marks). After a full month of using the products, I finally have the skin I've always wanted. Here is my review of the individual products: 
Sweet Orange & Rosemary Cleansing Milk + Evening Rose Facial Serum -- After one week of using the cleansing milk, facial serum, and clay mask, I saw noticeable results in the reduction of the appearance of my acne (both the under-the-skin bumps on my cheeks and the blackheads on my neck). I actually couldn't believe what I was seeing. My husband (who is also using the products and loving them) was pleasantly surprised as well, especially because he knows how long I've been battling the acne and how self-conscious it made me at times. The Cleansing Milk is a silky smooth cleanser (with a delightful, fresh smell) that leaves my face feeling clean and moisturized, unlike my previous cleanser (Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash), which left my skin feeling clean but dry. The Evening Rose Facial Serum is just as luxurious as the cleansing milk, and it leaves my skin feeling soft, with a light "dewy" glow. I had never used a serum before this, but now I'm hooked. (My previous moisturizer was Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, which left my skin feeling moist but greasy.) After a full month of using the C&Co. products, my acne has cleared up completely, and I've regained normal coloring in my face. I would recommend these products without hesitation to anyone with acne or other skin issues, or who simply wants to care for their skin with the best possible natural products. 
Chamomile & Oats Clay Facial Mask -- I love the clay mask, especially with its earthy smell. I feel like I'm pampering myself with a private spa facial. The first time my husband and I used this mask, we both noticed a reduction in the appearance of our acne. After only one mask. Now I use this mask every other week. Once per week was a bit too drying on my sensitive skin, but every other week is a perfect balance. 
Chamomile Infused Moisturizer -- I purchased the Chamomile Infused Moisturizer initially to give my cheeks (which tend to get dry) a little extra TLC on top of the facial serum. It was the perfect solution, but now that my skin has regained a balanced pH I rarely need to use it on my cheeks. Now I lather it on my hands, feet, and anywhere else I'm needing a bit of moisture!
Bergamot & Lavender Body Balm -- Christi recommended the Bergamot and Lavender Body Balm to smother over my growing stomach, breasts, and thighs during my pregnancy. I had been using The Honest Company's belly balm, but I wasn't totally sold on it. It left my skin feeling greasy, and after a few hours I felt the need to reapply. I had also started developing little clusters of acne at the top of my stomach, which I attributed to the greasy feel. No more than three days after I stopped using The Honest Company's belly balm and switched to the C&Co. Body balm, the acne had completely cleared up. The best part about this product, though, is that most days I only have to apply it once. It makes my skin feel so soft, and I rarely feel itchy. Every couple of weeks or so, when I feel a growth spurt coming on and my skin gets really tight, I'll apply it twice per day. It provides a welcome relief, and it smells great, too!

#GoodCleanSkincare By C&Co.