Who Manufactures YOUR Skincare Products?

March 25, 2019

Who Manufactures YOUR Skincare Products? | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare

Liz Schoenberg | Lab + Production Manager

Meet Liz, she is a new mom and the backbone of our manufacturing operations at our independent lab in West Asheville. 

What is your favorite ingredient that we use?

I LOVE our organic grapeseed oil, which is used for the facial serum. It has a sweet aromatic scent similar to balsamic and the color is a gorgeous deep green, you can just tell it’s packed with skin-nourishing antioxidants.

What is your favorite product to manufacture?

Soap is easily my favorite product to produce. Taking raw ingredients and combining them in a way that creates a luxuriously bubbly moisturizing bar of soap is so gratifying. My favorite is the Chamomile & Lavender Baby Soap.

Tell me about your position with C&Co.®?

I work between 20-25 hours per week manufacturing all of our skincare and home products. Our independent lab is located in West Asheville and has 24/7 access which is amazing, especially as a new mom. The process of manufacturing is complex and requires great attention to detail and precision. With time these complexities become second nature. The environment, tools, ingredients and packaging all must be sterilized to ensure the final product is free of contaminants. During manufacturing, it is essential to remain extremely focused, each ingredient is measured to the gram, a mismeasure can affect the reaction taking place and the pH of the final product. Once manufactured, products are dispensed into the appropriate bottle or jar, sterilized, capped, labeled, shrink-wrapped and ready for our clients. In addition to manufacturing, keeping track of what ingredients we have on hand and making sure they are rotated to ensure peak freshness is essential for our plant-based formulations. With every product there is a fair amount of record keeping. We document ingredient lot numbers, final product manufacturing numbers and dates, batch sizes, etc in order to follow cGMP Procedures and plan our weekly production schedule. Because we have an independent lab, our products are manufactured in small batches and per demand to ensure they are always fresh and have a long shelf-life when a client receives them. Our lab is a constantly evolving environment where I strive to continuously improve upon the efficiency of both the workspace and the way each product is manufactured.

What did you do before C&Co.®?

Prior to C&Co.®, I spent 10 years working as a pastry chef and I have found that even though the task at hand is very different, the experience is quite similar. The role of baker and manufacturing associate both start with raw ingredients and when these ingredients are combined using a precise method they are transformed into something new. Trading my chef’s coat for a lab coat has been fun and a huge change.

What is your obsession besides skincare?

I am obsessed with true crime podcasts. Some of my favorites are: Serial (every single season), Someone Knows Something, Up and Vanished, and Unconcluded. Depending on the day, I mix it up by playing pandora Chillwave Radio or Classic 90s for a little throwback.


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