Meet the Team | Self Care Tips + Tricks

February 15, 2019

Meet the Team | Self Care Tips + Tricks | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare

Most of us lead very busy lives and sometimes our physical or emotional health is sacrificed due to our demanding environment. When we feel our best self, we can contribute more to this world and are able to care for other + our families better. I asked our C&Co.® team what self care means to them and how do they practice this idea in their daily lives.



Christi Apodaca, Brand Founder & Proprietor

My self care time happens daily typically in the span of minutes and includes hot tea, yoga and deep breathing but in no particular order. Being a mama, wife and business owner I have learned to sneak in time for myself to recharge and replenish when I can get it. My ideal day is waking up with the sunlight, having breakfast with my two loves and spending the day hiking, complete with a picnic somewhere along the parkway followed by a hot bath with all our products, a roaring fire and cold local beer. 


Chloe Carrington, Lead Esthetician

Self care for me changes with the season, but remains consistent with bringing balance to my life and body. Throughout the work week it’s waking a bit earlier and opening a book with a warm mug in hand. Self care within my routine means having enough time in the morning for facial massage and reflexology without rushing through washing my face and running out of the door with product still along my hairline. Nothing extensive, but just a few minutes to nourish and center myself before the busy day ahead. At work self care looks like leaning into my passion to make a client’s experience unique. It’s digging into conversation and learning from one another. It also looks like sneaking in a cup of tea. When returning home self care looks like making dinner alongside my roommates and sharing our days. Self care is staying consistent with my supplements before bed and a warm shower. Self care is burning an herbal smudge stick with the lamp glowing in the corner of my room and covering myself with Arnica Massage & Body Oil before I nestle into bed. Self care is a clean face, community and plant medicine.


Ali Pinto, Retail Associate

In the morning it’s a shot of espresso, sunlight, a pilates or yoga video on YouTube (Boho Beautiful is my favorite lately) and Daily Face Polish!

Throughout the day I feel my best when I get outside, stay hydrated, eat well and spend time with my family. A spritz of our Aromatherapy Mist or a touch of Woods Solid Scent always heightens my mood too.

At night, alone time is essential for me to recharge, so if it’s a bath night, our Herbal Soaking Salts and Revive Bath Oil do the trick. And on other nights Serene Shower Mist is all it takes to help me unwind. Also, some relaxing yoga, chamomile or tulsi tea and a bite of dark chocolate before bed.

Once a week I like to pamper myself by using a sugar body scrub, one of our clay masks on my face, and a coconut oil hair mask.

I truly look forward to my skincare ritual every single day. It’s such a pampering experience and I know that I’m doing great things for my skin. It makes me happy.


Liz Schoenberg, Lead Production Associate

As a new mom I have realized that self-care is more important now than ever before. For me, getting into the kitchen and baking is very therapeutic. When time is scarce the simple pleasure of a long shower with aromatherapy and some calming music is a great reset for my mind and body.  


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