Meet Hannah | Our C&Co.® Crew

April 04, 2020

Meet Hannah | Our C&Co.® Crew | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare

When I first met Hannah, I described her as an old soul who knows how to follow her dreams. She met me for a cup of tea at Old Europe in Asheville and we talked about her journey to the world of massage. During this conversation, I found myself at ease and connected to her words, like I was talking to an old and very dear friend. At that moment, I knew that she was someone very special and that we were a perfect fit for each other.

Once Hannah joined our crew, her daily presence was confident yet approachable. She quickly connected with our clients on the retail floor and became a lead massage therapist at our plant-based natural spas.

When I reflect on her time with us, which has only been 9 months, I see the immense amount of personal and professional growth she has endured during this time. As a cherished individual and skilled massage therapist, Hannah creates a place of shelter when you are in her presence. She has the gift of touch and leads her life with intention and a heart full of gratitude.

Hannah’s curiosity for holistic medicine brought her to Asheville School of Massage & Yoga where she quickly fell in love with bodywork through the support of many wonderful teachers.

She is passionate about cultivating a safe space for her clients in order to guide them into feeling more embodied. She believes in quality of life, living with intention and feels most at home in nature. She draws inspiration from her meditation practice, star gazing and running/hiking with her pup, Doc.

Some of her Asheville favorites include Asheville Community Yoga, Dobra Tea, Bun Intended, Grail Movie House, Urban Orchard Cider Co., Earth Magick, & The Mothlight.

Hannah- you are a true gem, thank you for growing alongside of us and for being a teacher to all. I have learned so much from you and remain forever grateful that you are part of our crew.


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