Meet Devyn | Our C&Co.® Crew

April 08, 2020

Meet Devyn | Our C&Co.® Crew | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare

Devyn is an absolute beam of light. The day she walked into our downtown shop, I was on the retail floor restocking products after clients. At that time we were in the midst of looking for a retail associate and in she walked and I knew in my gut that she was the one to hire.

While Devyn has only been part of our crew since mid February, just before the implosion of COVID-19, she has brought a sense of completeness to our retail floor. She took our company trainings very seriously and showed up each day ready to tackle the next session with total product confidence. I was and am still amazed how effortless our training sessions were. Now that time has passed and we have worked alongside of each other, I know that they were seamless because she puts her all into every task she completes while building upon a foundation that has already been set.

Like all of our crew, Devyn is multifaceted and has a background in fine art/craft. She makes contemporary jewelry, and has a growing passion for natural medicine. During this uncertain time, she has been channeling her energy into preparing her garden and completing the seemingly endless number of DIY projects around her house - always being sure to end her day with the Arnica Salve.