Meet Chloe! Certified Herbalist, Lead Esthetician + Bee Lover

April 01, 2019

Meet Chloe! Certified Herbalist, Lead Esthetician + Bee Lover | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare

Chloe | C&Co.® Lead Esthetician + Retail + Educational Guru

What is your current favorite treatment offered in our Natural Spa? 

The Blue Green Algae Facial Treatment has made its way to the top of my list. It is packed full of nutrients, such as provitamin A, vitamin C, lactic acid and chlorophyll, to help our skin thrive. I personally struggle with cystic acne, this is not only frustrating, but painful and wears on my confidence. Most days my skin is inflamed and in need of soothing. The nutrient composition of organic hibiscus, blue green algae and lemongrass, paired with the gentle exfoliating properties of kaolin clay makes for a powerfully well rounded facial treatment. I notice immediate improvements in my skin. Less cellular build-up in my pores and reduced redness. My skin doesn't feel stripped after this treatment, but nourished. I believe I am now several steps closer to redeeming my skin.

What are your all time favorite C&Co.® products?

1. Lavender, Rosehip & Tea Tree Natural DeodorantA strong product that keeps you fresh without the worry. No overpowering fragrance or stains on clothes. The travel-friendly container lasts me over six months.

2. Arnica Massage & Body Oil- This product is effective and multifaceted. I tend to use it daily as it helps to improve my circulation and calms the soreness I encounter after a busy day.

3. Lavender Cold Cream- This facial cream is soothing and ultra hydrating. I love the barrier it provides on skin and the life I feel it gives back to my skin with the probiotics it contains.

Where are you from? And what brought you to Asheville?

I am from Austin, Texas. I relocated to Asheville in the spring 2017 for an herbal medicine program from which I am a graduate. I studied at the AVEDA Institute in Austin, where I found a love for plant-based skincare and haven't looked back since. 

What is your favorite thing to do in Asheville?

Driving the parkway with the windows down and the music low, stopping at overlooks or trail heads when feeling called. 


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