Meet Ali | Our C&Co.® Crew

April 01, 2020

Meet Ali | Our C&Co.® Crew | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare

When I interviewed Ali back in August 2018, I was immediately taken back by her calming presence. Our interview took place on the concrete steps outside of our under construction Biltmore Village location on a very hot summer day.

During our conversation, I explained the history of the brand and how we were embarking on a new adventure with the opening of our first plant-based natural spa. I further went into detail that we were in a constant pivot mode and that even I did not know how everything would unfold as we began to move forward together.

Due to the uncertainty of things, I expected hesitation from any potential candidate but was taken aback that she was unfazed and excited to join our crew. At the time, she was a brand new mama and decided to take a risk on us, one that I will be forever grateful for.

Fast forward to today, one year and 8 months later, Ali has become and remains an instrumental part of our crew. Her passion for the healing nature of plants and our brand is evident in all that she does. She has learned and embraced the ins and outs of this company, takes the lead on changing outdated operations and connects with our clients anticipating their every need with such ease and grace.

A little more about Ali...

Her love for plants started at a young age when she discovered their benefits in hair and skin products. She remembers picking fresh flowers from her backyard in Florida and making hair rinses out of them and mixing up face masks using fresh fruits. The whole concept of using natural ingredients this way made complete sense to her then and still does now. When Ali isn't obsessing over skincare you will find her taking it easy somewhere in the sunshine, enjoying precious time with family.

Ali, we would be lost without you. Thank you for growing alongside of us and being patient as we brought clarity to our future as brand. XO- Christi


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