Meet Liz | Our C&Co.® Crew

March 25, 2020

Meet Liz | Our C&Co.® Crew | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare

Meet Liz, our incredible Lab & Production Manager who runs our independent lab in West Asheville and manufactures 99.999% of our entire annual inventory.

In 2019, we sold over 31,000 units. Let that sink in...

If that does not impress you, she is also a confident wife and mother and runs another business on the side. Wonder Woman you ask?! Yes, she is, and we are beyond grateful to have her part of our family and this brand.

A little more about Liz and her life story...

She moved to WNC almost 8 years ago, leaving the hustle of NYC behind. Her boyfriend at the time, and now husband, Ben and her headed to the mountains in search of adventure and to be closer to nature. They had been to Asheville only once, didn’t have jobs or know a soul but made the leap despite all of this.

As a trained pastry chef, she jumped right into the local hospitality and food service industry in Asheville. As the years passed, her career as a pastry chef proved to be unsustainable for the life they wanted to build, and so a private chef business was born. Being self-employed created autonomy and flexibility but because of the nature of the industry, the evening, weekend and holiday work remained constant.

When she decided that there needed to be a shift, she stepped out of the industry to refocus and figure out what really made her tick. During this time, she was a nanny for 2 incredibly wonderful families and these working relationships became friendships over the years. Ultimately because of these friendships, she was introduced to C&Co.® as a brand and learned more about what we stood for.

Shortly after trying the facial care line, she fell in love with the brand and found herself at our downtown the shop chatting with me about an opportunity to join our team. Although she had many irons in the fire, with occasional catering events and nannying for several small children, she had an overwhelming sense of certainty that this brand was where she needed to be. In February of 2020, she reached her three year milestone since becoming part of our crew and on this journey with us.

As someone who does not have a background in skincare, Liz says that it was the loyalty of the clients, my passion for the industry, and the efficacy of the products that drew her in. She is grateful to be in an environment where she can flourish, learning something new everyday, and be surrounded by strong, independent like-minded women. Loving what she is doing and the fact that she is part of making a difference in people’s lives has in turn it has made a difference in her life.

Over the past 8 years, she has gotten married to that guy who took the leap with her and moved to a brand new place in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. They have bought their first home, and welcomed their precious son into this world. It became clear to her that what makes me tick is family, togetherness and living with intention. She loves that this brand has given her that family and has also allowed me to create one of her own.

Liz, we adore you and beyond grateful for all that you bring to our crew on a daily basis. XO- Christi


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