Gratitude & Inspiration

November 13, 2015

Gratitude & Inspiration | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare

This past weekend, I was able to attend the 4th Annual American Made Summit in NYC. It was one of those events that you go into with blinders on until it smacks you in the face how much it will really impacted every fiber of your being. Absolutely inspirational. From the second I stepped off the plane and onto the subway I realized how small I really am in this world. It was humbling to hear 10 different languages being spoken all within the block I was walking. That evening, when I made my way to Trinity Church, my favorite place in lower Manhattan, a flood of emotions washed over my body. It was eye opening to see kids playing on their soccer field that was surrounded by skyscrapers and the bustle of city life. This was just something I have never seen before. With this I encourage each and every one of you to push your personal boundaries a little this month. 
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Christi, Founder & Proprietor of C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare