Meet Cate! Director of Operations for our Natural Spa + Lead Massage Therapist

May 07, 2019

Meet Cate! Director of Operations for our Natural Spa + Lead Massage Therapist

How did massage therapy become part of your life story?

I was drawn to massage therapy when I was healing from a spinal injury and attended school at the CORE Institute School of Massage Therapy & Structural Bodywork in my hometown of Tallahassee, Florida in 2005. I have been fortunate enough to have practiced massage therapy in many different settings from chiropractic offices to spas and in-home palliative care. I have always incorporated natural products into my practice and find the standard of education that C&Co.® provides to each and every client refreshing. 

What is your all-time favorite treatment offered at our Natural Spa?

Hands down, the Pigmentation Facial. I hoped that this treatment would help to diminish a red area that I have on my cheek and it did. I saw a great improvement in my skin tone and went from feeling like I had a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer spot on my cheek to looking like I had a natural blush perfectly placed on my cheek bone. Not only was the facial super effective and long lasting, the experience in the spa is relaxing from start to finish. The environment is serene and the products feel so good on the skin.

Where can we find you hanging around Asheville?

I love live music and regularly attend concerts of my favorite bands who roll through town. Asheville is a foodie's paradise so naturally, my husband and I love eating at new restaurants, we still haven't hit checked them all out! I also love exploring the many breweries and wineries around the WNC region. I find new favorite beverages all the time.

What fills you up when you are not working?

My hobbies include gardening, exercising, cooking & entertaining friends. I love to grow my own organic foods on our property, tending to our butterfly gardens and mowing the lawn. I exercise at Burn Boot Camp in South Asheville and love the feel post workout of what I accomplished that day. My husband is a fantastic cook and I love partnering with him in the kitchen to prepare healthy, delicious meals for our tribe.

Do you have any favorite hikes in the area?

My favorite hikes include either views, waterfalls or BOTH! Graveyard Fields, Black Balsam Knob, Wintergreen Falls, Catawba Falls, & Max Patch are just a few of my favorites. I regularly take our dogs for a good hike to explore this magnificent area I get to call home.

What are your favorite products that we formulate and manufacture?

My daily go-to products are our Lavender Cold Cream (it’s an amazing makeup primer too!), Serene Shower Mist, Natural Deodorant & our Lip Balms. I use all of these products every single day.

My weekly go-to products are our Chamomile & Oats Clay Facial Mask, Lavender Sugar Scrub and Revive Bath Oil. Exfoliation paired with a relaxing bath helps to soothe sore muscles and allow me to let go of any stresses.

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