Wild Bay, Cedarwood & Fir Needle Underarm Balm


Our customers never cease to be amazed by our refreshing, all natural underarm balm. This deodorant was created with the active individual in mind. Free yourself and your underarms from aluminum based antiperspirants and deodorants that just mask the odor. C & Co.’s underarm balm will condition and balance your delicate skin, even when the pressure is on. 

Sodium bicarbonate is the base of this formula, bringing its pH balancing properties to the table. Organic arrowroot powder fights moisture while keeping your armpits dry and soothed. Organic coconut oil enhances the mix with its moisturizing qualities, melting upon skin contact. Wild bay & fir needle oil provides astringent properties, cleansing the skin while cedarwood enriches your underarms with much needed antioxidants. The result is a spicy and woodsy balm that works overtime for your skin. 

Our signature formula contains organic coconut oil, which will soften when the temperature is above 76 degrees. While a change in temperature changes the consistency of the balm, the quality of the product will not be affected. Our 6 oz jar lasts for 6-8 months and will leave you smelling great all day and night without a sticky residue or need to reapply.

C & Co.’s underarm balms are gentle enough for even the most sensitive underarms.

Vegan, Cruelty & Gluten Free

Ingredients: arrowroot powder, organic coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, wild-harvested bay, cedarwood & organic fir needle oils 

Our underarm balm is NOT antiperspirant. It is deodorant that neutralizes smell. Due to the nature of the coconut oil in the summertime, it is VERY important to mix the balm well when first received. This will ensure that all the ingredients are mixed together and won’t cause any irritation. Once in a cooler environment, the balm will begin to firm. From there, you can scrape or scoop the balm and apply to underarms.

Directions: Twist the jar open. Use clean and dry fingers to scoop a dime-sized amount of balm from the jar. Apply to clean and dry underarm. Repeat on the other side. Avoid the eye area. The balm will melt on contact with your skin. Stir well if organic coconut oil separates to the top of the balm.

Rest assured that your indulgence is only natural.


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